CHATTING GROUPS IN TELEGRAM [ Make new Friends By Chatting in Telegram ]

Chatting Groups in Telegram 2019

First of all we should have to know about CHATTING GROUPS IN TELEGRAM ! What Is chatting? Chatting is the process of sharing Information from one person to another OR We can say that by the help of chatting mediums we can send and receive data , information , photos , videos and files from one place to another place.

ADVANTAGES of Chatting Groups in Telegram:

1. Chatting is a great TIME KILLER.

2. Chatting helps you to connect with so many people at one time.

3. Chatting helps to communicate with friends and family.

4. Chatting gives you freedom to talk with anyone without facing 
him/her in real.

5. Chatting provides you great knowledge about your field or with whome you are talking with.

6. You can Connect on Video calls with the help of chatting.

7. Chatting sites provide a cheap way to communicate outside the country.

8. You can talk to people all over the world with it.

9.  It helps you to keep in touch with your friends or colleagues 
who moved to another place.

10. You can make new friends with the help of chatting.

DISADVANTAGES of Chatting Groups in Telegram :

1. It wastes your Time a lot.

2. You also connects with those people who don't  know you.

3. There are so many fraud ID's  with whome you chat and they use your private information.

4. Anyone can know about you by seeing your personal profile.

5. There are so many predators on internet who are present to harm you in some ways.

6. If you share your bank details . You can be cheated and will loose your entire money.

I think that you have known all the necessary things to start chatting with others and to make new friends on social media platforms. Chatting is a good thing if you use it in a Limit.

 Chatting Groups in Telegram :

1.  πŸŒπŸ“£GLOBAL CHaTTinG RooM✔️?

              LINK  =======>

2. English chatting group

               LINK  =======>

3. Indian Chatting Group❤️

               LINK  =======>

4. International Friends

     LINK  =======>

5. πŸ’¬α‘•α•Όα—©αŽ’αŽ’α†α‘Žα€ α•Όα‘Œα—·πŸ’­

            LINK  =======>

6. ❥English Chatting πŸƒ

            LINK  =======>

7. Chatting Room for Girls

             LINK  =======>

8. Chatting with girls & boys ❤️

               LINK  =======>

9. Speaking English

               LINK  =======>

10. Only english

               LINK  =======>

11. Global Chatting

                            LINK  =======>

 12. Chat with us

              LINK  =======>

Rules of  telegram groups :

1) Don't be a spammer in these groups.

2) Ask the admin to invite new persons to group.

3) Don't share External Links to the Groups.

4) Don't promote hate.

5) Don't promote Racism.

6) Be polite and Gentle with other members.

7) Do listen to the admins.

8) Don't share any adult links to the groups.

9) Don't promote illegal content.

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